We incorporate the principles of

The principles of the circular economy support the goal of sustainable development.

The renewal of matter generates new economic opportunities with greater corporate social responsibility.

The concept of Sustainable Development is intended to give future generations more opportunities for economic, social and environmental development than the current ones have, which shortly are: economic prosperity, environmental and social respect.


The company has been operating for many years according to European quality rules.

We are currently in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification and the 231 Organisational Model from the relevant certification bodies.


is located in the wonderful land of Castelfidardo,

a stone’s throw from the Conero National Park.

Our different Production sectors:

The multi-faceted nature of Conero&Stevi, in addition to its technical manufacturing capabilities, has enabled it to specialise in various production fields.

  • Industry
  • Furniture
  • Housewares
  • Household appliances
  • Home Automation
  • Building
  • Automotive industry
  • Boilers
Alloys and metals used

 ALUMINIUM is one of the most widely used metals for die casting. The characteristics of lightness, good electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to corrosion by atmospheric agents, resistance to low temperatures and contact with almost all liquids, excellent ductility and malleability make aluminium ideal for this type of use.

Commonly used alloys: EN46100 – 46000 – 47000 – 47100- 44300 – ML13FC

ZINC ALLOYS with a high Aluminium content, cold-pressed.

ZAMAK is a zinc alloy ideal for the design and manufacture of accessories, components, and small parts by die casting in various production sectors. Conero&stevi prefers it to obtain pieces with minimum tolerance limits and with very complex shapes, not achievable with other alloys, particularly appreciating its ease of use, low melting temperature, high fluidity, and low melting point typical of zinc alloys.

Our Clients

The high quality that Conero&stevi can offer has led high-profile clients to prefer the services of this company.
The trust placed in the technical and entrepreneurial skills of Conero&stevi is a guarantee of high professionalism and reliability.
The collaboration between internal and external technical offices leads to the realisation of high-quality products for mutual satisfaction.
We work with passion and pro-activity, earning the trust of our customers day after day.

We look forward to seeing you at Conero&Stevi!